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Bundaran HI, the striking landmark in Central Jakarta

Central Jakarta, Entertainment City

Central Jakarta is a part of Jakarta that is located in the middle of this city. Central Jakarta offers people with so many entertainment things, from the tourism object until culinary tour and shopping....

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Welcome to Jakarta

Welcome To Jakarta!

One can get every thing at Jakarta in accordance with his/her interests as it has a fine array of endless entertainment activities. It has a vibrant culture, important sites and architecture work to visit,...

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The Puppet Museum of Indonesia

The Historical Jakarta

West Jakarta is always well-known of its collection of antique and unique things. No wonder, because so many historical building which save so many valuable things here. Say it, the Museum of Fine Arts...

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Ragunan Zoo, South Jakarta

Want a Cultural Tourism? Visit South Jakarta

If you once visit Jakarta, do not forget to visit Ragunan zoo in South Jakarta. This tourism objects are so popular in Jakarta, since this place is one of the most natural thing in...

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Bundaran Hotel Indonesia, Central Jakarta

Welcome Monument : Jakarta Welcomes You With Open Arms

The Welcome Monument in Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta was commissioned for construction by the then incumbent President Sukarno to greet the thousands of athletes and foreign travelers that would attend the 1962 Asian...

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Kristal Hotel

Hotels in Jakarta : Comfort at Its Best

Jakarta, the capital and largest city of Indonesia, located on the northwest coast of the Java Island is a gem. Having a total area of 661.52 square kilometers and enjoying a hot and humid...

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