Bogor’s Mount Pancar

Natural potential of Mount Pancar, Bogor

Natural potential of Mount Pancar, Bogor (via

Bogor, a rainy city with thousands of beauty. This cool air city has developed into a tourist site with the charms series. There are still dozens of other tourist site in Bogor which are no less interesting. The Instagram popularity can make us know many tourist sites in Bogor which tourists may not know much about.

Some of them have become mandatory destinations for travelers from the millennial generation. Maybe you are one of them.

The Bogor city saves a lot of natural potential which must be preserved. The large number of mountains in the Bogor region makes this city an area that has cool air, it makes that here are many people who travel to the Bogor city with their families on weekends.

Besides the cool weather, Bogor also has many tourist sites which you should visit on weekends. One of them is Mount Pancar located in Citereup District, Bogor Regency, West Java. This tourism is quite far from downtown Bogor. You can use a private or public vehicle to get the beautiful destination.

This location is perfect for you to use as a means of relieving yourself from your daily routine, the aroma of trees which still feel fresh makes the body seem to get energy again. Natural conditions that are still cool and beautiful make anyone who comes to feel at home lingering in the natural tourist area. Mount Pancar itself has height about 800 Mdpl, it is not too high, but the air in this area is quite clean and fresh. This mount area is still included in Perum Perhutani, so it is not surprising if the preservation of nature in this tourist place is quite maintained.


Camping Activity on Mount Pancar, Bogor

Camping Activity on Mount Pancar, Bogor (via

On the Mount Pancar, you can do various activities such as outbound, hiking, cycling, camping, and others. Camping while making a bonfire with friends or family will make your relationship even tighter. If you don’t want to camp, you can try glamping. Glamping is a luxury version of camping, which is all the needs provided by the management of Mount Pancar. However, most of the visitors who come to the location just to hangout while enjoying the freshness of pine trees which can refresh the lungs. In this region, we not only find pine but also various other types of plants such as Rasamala, Puspa, Rotan, Jamuju, and Saninten. There are also various kinds of dishes and drinks that warm the body.


Not only presents a magical natural panorama, for people who love the magical things, Mount Pancar also a special destination. How come? This location has become gossip in the society that is believed to be a place to find heritage. There are also many famous sacred tombs, such as Mbah Kalijaga, Ki Mas Manggala, Mbah H. Dalem Putih and many others. The society in this area also believes that Mount Pancar is the beginning of the end of earth’s life. Besides that, the Mount Pacar is believed to be the first mountain to appear when the earth was created. Mount Pancar is believed to be a peg so that the society believes if the Mount Pancar is destroyed, it will make the earth will be also destroyed.


Ticket prices to enter the Pancar forest area are cheap relatively, about Rp 7,500 to Rp 15,000 / person, while tourists who want to do camping will be charged a tariff about Rp 80,000 to Rp 290,000. The facilities are quite complete such as toilets, food and drink stores, tent rentals and so on. When the holiday arrives, you can arrange your vacation schedule o Mount Pancar with friends or family. You can go through the Bogor highway which goes towards Cibinong to reach the tourist site.

Then follow the straight road to meet the red light at the crossroad of Sentul Street, then turn left and continue the trip approximately 4 kilometers until through the tunnel then turn left again towards the Jagorawi Highway and then straight ahead to Babakan Madang Street to meet the T-junction, please take to the left. Approximately 1 kilometer ahead, you will be on the Gunung Pancar Highway.


There are some tips for you the first time roaming to Mount Pancar. What are they? Wear comfortable shoes because there are still a lot of soil and rocks. If you want to ride, prepare the equipment completely and safely. Bring a jacket. That is a bit of information about Mount Pancar in Bogor. So, when do you plan to come to Mount Pancar?

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