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Culture of Jakarta

Roti Buaya

Say Your Love With Roti Buaya

While Europeans usually declare their love with flowers, Betawi people have roti buaya or crocodile-shaped bread. Roti buaya becomes part of overall gift during wedding in Betawi traditional marriage. Grooms include roti buaya along...

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Ragunan Zoo, South Jakarta

Want a Cultural Tourism? Visit South Jakarta

If you once visit Jakarta, do not forget to visit Ragunan zoo in South Jakarta. This tourism objects are so popular in Jakarta, since this place is one of the most natural thing in...

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Kanekes Village

Kanekes Village : The Origin of Baduy Tribe

Right on the foothill of Kendeng Mountain there is a beautiful village named Kanekes. The villagers are the sub-sundanese named Kanekes or many people called it Baduy. Baduy is the name given by stranger...

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