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Pondok Indah Golf Course

Expats Best Neighborhoods in Jakarta

If you just got to Jakarta city, you may want to know a couple of places that make you feel home. It is not fair to say that there is no perfect place to...

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A guy picking up vinyl, Blok M Square

Music Stores That Sell Physical Releases in Jakarta

These days, with music streaming apps ruling the industry, physical releases have seemingly lost their charm. But within the last couples of years, many individuals have been seeking CDs, vinyl even cassettes, whether it...

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Kristal Hotel

Hotels in Jakarta : Comfort at Its Best

Jakarta, the capital and largest city of Indonesia, located on the northwest coast of the Java Island is a gem. Having a total area of 661.52 square kilometers and enjoying a hot and humid...

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Waze application

Living in Jakarta? Use These Useful Apps

There are a couple of applications that you have to download if you want to make your life much easier in Jakarta. There are a couple of conditions and situations that you will need...

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