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Dian Al Mahri Mosque or the Golden Dome Mosque

Golden Dome Mosque, World Class Depok City Icon

As a satellite city for Jakarta, Depok does not have many tourism sites. However, there is one world class spot that is often become the attractions. However, there is one world class spot that...

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Tourists Searches for Place to Stay at Jalan Jaksa

Tips to Choose Hotel in Jakarta

Jakarta is big city, so it is crucial for you to choose a place to stay depends on activities that you want to do. The first thing that you have to consider is traffic...

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Gedung Juang 45 silent witness to Indonesia's struggle

Snoop the Gedung Juang 45 Background

Review This building is often visited by students. They came to know the historic building which had values of struggle during the period leading up to Indonesian independence and Dutch military aggression. History Gedung...

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Depok Fantasi Waterpark

Top Things To Do in Depok, West Java

Depok is located on West Java province that comes with a couple of interesting tourist attractions such as buildings inspired by Middle Eastern, gardens with many themes, lakes, and many recreational spaces. For those...

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Museum Zoologi Bogor

Brief History of Museum Zoologi Bogor

Museum Zoologi Bogor is the place that gives information and education about zoology. What is zoology? Zoology is biological discipline that specialized in animal. Museum Zoologi Bogor comes with two parts. The first one...

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Eiffel Tower Replica

Devoyage Nirwana Residence in Bogor

Seemingly, it is not wrong to place Bogor as favorite regency on the Java island because Bogor always has new tourism site every year. Since a long time ago, the Bogor city has always...

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