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Education tourism D'Kandang amazing farm

Education tourism D’Kandang amazing farm (via

D’Kandang amazing farm provides tourist destinations which are different from other tourist sites. The owner d’kandang strives to be an entertainment tourism destination, making it an educational place for children. There are several school institutions coming for educational tours, especially PAUD school institutions because many vehicles and infrastructure to be used as education here. In addition to children learning, children will be happy to learn directly with nature.

Learning, Creating, and Adventure

Based on the name, D’Kandang Amazing Farm, this educational place will introduce you the world of animal husbandry and agriculture in a unique and fun way. When you set foot in this place, the first thing you will find a beautiful scenery created from green plants which grow there. In addition decorate the scenery, these plants also make the cool and fresh air around D’Kandang Farm. D’Kandang Amazing Farm has an area of ​​about 6 hectares. There are many interesting tourist sites that you can enjoy with family, friends, or even a couple on this large land.

Breastfeeding at D'Kandang amazing farm

Breastfeeding at D’Kandang amazing farm (via

First, educational tourism such as milking cows, feeding livestock, and much more. Next, you can take classes which of course can increase creativity such as painting T-shirts, making salted eggs, clay creations, making kokedama, and much more. If you want more exciting activities, there’s no harm in trying out the various outbound facilities which is available there. Archery games are also available there.

Complete Facilities that Make Visitors Comfortable

In addition to having a lot of tourist attraction choices, the complete facilities at D’Kandang Amazing Farm are also the reason why visitors feel at home for long and not give up to go back there again.

Starting from prayer rooms, toilets, restaurants, children’s playgrounds, and also spot instagrammable for photos there. One of the popular location is the street which is decorated with colorful capping hangers, green plants, and unique pots made of boots. You who like selfie tours are very obliged to capture the moment in this place. The pictures will definitely be really cool!

Agrotourism at D'Kandang amazing farm

Agrotourism at D’Kandang amazing farm (via

Each tourist area is separated by the river, but it is very safe when you bridge it. Because everything is tightly closed by the bridge, so children won’t be able to enter the river. Management is good enough to arrange even though there is a river. The river bridge connects the next area, decorated with organic plants. As well as being decorated with a contemporary umbrella, the colorful upper part of the bridge road.

Second area after bridge

The rides in the second area after the bridge, including educational vehicles and creative vehicles. For educational vehicles including:

  • Delman horse and horseback riding
  • Cempek breastfeeding
  • Riding a Caucasian buffalo
  • Feed rabbits, chickens, ducks, sheep and birds
  • Balloon Palace
  • Chickenology room
  • Fishing
Milking cows at D'Kandang

Milking cows at D’Kandang (via

Third area after the second bridge

For this third area, there are free and paid rides. The facilities are also quite good, as well as photo spots. The educational vehicle includes:

  • Milking cows
  • Harvest vegetables & Hydroponic kids
  • Planting ornamental plants
  • Catch Fish
  • ATV, Flying Fox and scotter
  • Spot contemporary photos, style instagram and instagenic lovers.

For facilities in the third area, it is also quite complete and cool, because the upper area is quite cool.


This tourist spot in Sawangan Depok is located in Pasir Putih Village. Sawangan District, Depok City, West Java.

Ticket Prices and Operating Time

You can’t wait to get a vacation there with your family, note the following important things!

Price of admission

IDR 18,000 (entrance ticket + yogurt)

IDR 35,000 (entrance ticket + yoghurt + capping cap)

You are also required to pay for a continuous ticket to enjoy the educational and outbound vehicles there. Don’t worry, the price is quite affordable starting from Rp 10,000 to Rp 70,000. You can choose any game that you think is most interesting.

Operational time

Monday – Thursday: 08:00 a.m. 16.00 WIB

Saturday: 08.00 a.m. 16.00 WIB

Sunday: 6:00 a.m. 16.00 WIB

Style instagram and instagenic lovers D'Kandang

Style instagram and instagenic lovers D’Kandang (via

Route to D’kandang

To go to tourist place, it is far from public transportation, so you can use a motorbike or a private car. If you use public transportation, there are motorcycle taxis in Tugu Sawangan. Public transportation, namely angkot, the route is only to Tugu Sawangan. The D’kandang area is surrounded by residents’ houses, when there is no gate. Approximately 1.5 Km to D’kandang from public roads. The road is damaged, if the rainy season is muddy.

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