Five Beautiful City Parks in Jakarta for You Spending Precious Weekends with Family

Jakarta isn’t all about skyscraper buildings, sophisticated shopping malls and pricey apartments. The capital has plenty of beautiful, clean and well-organized parks that draw families, especially during weekends for many activities.

In case you are looking for alternative places where you and your family can release tensions while enjoying greenery, below are our recommended parks. Don’t worry about the locations of the parks as each of them are inside the city.

1. Suropati Park

Suropati Park

Suropati Park (via

Suropati Park has long been used as a city park since Batavia era (the name before Jakarta). It was called Burgemeester Bisschopplein which derived the name from the first Batavia mayor, G. J. Bisshop (1916-1920), according to Wikipedia. The park is located in Menteng area, an elite residential area that was chosen by many Europeans living there during Batavia era.

The park is very strategic. It is in the heart of the Central Jakarta. Precisely, it lies on the meeting of Menteng Boulevard (Jalan Teuku Umar), Orange Boulevard (Jalan Diponegoro) and Nassau Boulevard (Jalan Imam Bonjol).

In modern era, the park remains operational. It is very shady with plenty trees growing around it. Some parts of the park are left empty for practicing yoga and other sports. The park has dungeon nests so that they often come here. A lot of communities and groups make use of the park for gathering and conducting programs here.

2. Menteng Park

Menteng Park

Menteng Park (via

Menteng Park is quite near from the Suropati Park. Still in Menteng area, the Menteng Park was once Menteng Stadium. The park is 30-hectare, has 30 different plant species. For passers-by, the park quickly catches their eyes with glass-made pyramid building in it. This is the sport in the park where a lot of people loving taking pictures.

Many Jakarta residents use the park for conducting community activities, doing exercises, holding family gathering and even carrying out bazaars. The park is very suitable for sports enthusiasts. You can do jogging here thanks to jogging track in it. In addition, there is a futsal and basketball field. Some fitness equipment is free for trying, as well. The mosque completes itself with clean toilet and air-conditioned mosque. The park that was officiated in 2007 is located in Jalan HOS Cokroaminoto, RT 3/RW5, Menteng.

3. Tebet Park

Tebet Park

Tebet Park (via

Now, let us move to the southern part of the capital, particularly in Tebet. Here, you can find a spacious and green space called Tebet Park. What was now called as Honda Park, the Tebet Park offers you jogging track, green natural carpet for gathering with friends and family, badminton field and vast greeneries to simply look at.

The park is always crowded with visitors during weekends. Families or communities come here for doing exercises, carrying out programs or just hanging out. Youngsters also make use of the park for carrying out their agenda; doing meetings, practicing dancing or photo hunting. The 1,800-square meters park was officiated in 2010. If you are interested, the park is located in Jalan Tebet Timur Raya, No. 10, RT.10/RW.10, Tebet Timur, Tebet, South Jakarta.

4. Ayodya Park

Ayodya Park

Ayodya Park (via

Still in South Jakarta, for those who often coming to Blok M business area may likely know this park. Ayodya Park is very easy to find out. It has water fountain with amphitheater seating arrangement that promptly capture our eyes once looking at it. Indeed, the park is beautifully-designed. The 7,500 square-meter park has an artificial pond in the center of it. A jogging track, gazebo, toilet complete the park. What makes it more attractive is that the Ayodya Park is closer to Gran Mahakam Hotel, Blok M Plaza shopping mall and Barito bird market.

5. Cattleya Park

Cattleya Park

Cattleya Park (via

West Jakarta has a hidden, natural gem to offer you. Located nearby Taman Anggrek shopping mall, there is Cattleya Park or Tomang Park that you can visit with your friends or family. The park has jogging track, artificial lake and flower section that surely can be a good option for spending days-off with beloved ones. The park is filled with tall trees, beautiful flowers and shrubberies. Its vast space is another plus point that can make you feeling relaxed with all things green and natural as far as your eyes can see. This park is such an oasis as it is located next to fly over road, main street and tall buildings.



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