From Betta Splendens to Lavender, This is How Jakarta Battles Against Dengue Fever

As dengue fever has been rising in Jakarta, the capital administration has been urging residents to carry out several prevention techniques. One of which is by spreading Betta splendens in ponds that become breeding grounds of aedes aegypti mosquitoes. North Jakarta Vice Mayor Ali Maulana Hakim led the dissemination of the fish in Pademangan Barat village on Friday, 8 February 2019.

As reported by, the fish spreading was done in several water containers that became breeding grounds of the deadly mosquitoes. The mosquitoes have been known as the carrier of the dengue fever virus. The activity saw a bath tub that became breeding ground of the mosquitoes of a house in the village.

In addition to have spread the fishes in residents’ houses, the deputy mayor put the fishes in main water containers of Jami Barakatul Jihad mosque and Pademangan Barat 01 elementary school. The deputy mayor hoped the effort would help preventing residents in the village infected by the virus.

The capital administration has been extensively encouraging Jakartans taking preventive measures as dengue fever cases has risen since January this year. According to a report by, number of patients suffering from dengue fever in the capital through January 2019 were 813. This amount is higher than 198 in January 2018 and 665 in January 2017.

As of Monday (4 February 2019), the number of patients suffering dengue fever was 878. Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan said South Jakarta was recording highest number of dengue fever patients, which, as confirmed by Jakarta Health Agency, was 926.

Dengue fever is one of the most popular diseases that occur as heavy rainfall pours down in the capital. Puddles become favorite places for the mosquitoes laying out eggs and breeding them all. Hence, a simplest way of preventing the mosquitoes from breeding is by cleaning all puddles. Other attempts are by planting Lavender flowers and grinding lemongrass leaves. The two contain natural ingredients that are capable for repelling mosquitoes.

While Betta splendens are known as fighter species. As taken from Wikipedia, Betta splendens are quite aggressive while defending their areas. Among fish lovers, Betta splendens are divided into three groups. The fish species can live in relatively long period even if they occupy limited-volume water containers and without aerator. Putting the fish species is expected to battle against the mosquitoes and kill them before they fly spreading the dengue fever virus to human beings.

Betta splendens for early preventive measures against dengue fever

Betta splendens for early preventive measures against dengue fever (via

If the traditional ways fail to cast away the virus, fogging can be conducted. As taken from, fogging focus refers to fogging for focused locations within certain radius. Fogging can be done in a region that sees more than one dengue fever case.

According to General Director of Disease Controlling and Environment Health of the Health Ministry Mohamad Subuh, officers will conduct epidemiology investigation in locations within 100 meters from the spot where which the case occurs. This is because the mosquitoes can fly up to 100 meters only. The officers will conduct two fogging phases within 200 meters within one week.

The first fogging aims at eradicating adult aedes aegypty mosquitoes that probably just pass growth periods. They only take eight days for growing as adult ones from larvae. If fogging focus isn’t carried out in two phases within one week, public are advised to report about this to Health Agency as fogging focus must comply with procedures for obtaining optimal results.

Fogging focus will be conducted when an area records less than 95 percent of free larvae or sees dengue fever spreads from one person to another one. Indonesian government prohibits frequent fogging focus because this may poison people with insects.

Lavender flowers

Lavender flowers (via

Fogging focus will not be carried out when an epidemiology study doesn’t reveal a certain area requires it. As such, public health post or Puskesmas will instead eradicate the mosquitoes’ nests, supply abate solid powder for killing the larvae and give public campaign on dengue fever and how to prevent it.

As heavy rainfall keeps falling from Jakarta sky, let us take preventive actions start from our houses. You can begin by cleaning up containers, placing the abate and keeping our bodies healthy. Remember that even if you are ready with the preventive measures, the mosquitoes can still attack you if your body is weak.


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