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Record Store Day Jakarta at Kuningan City

Record Store Day Jakarta at Kuningan City (via

These days, with music streaming apps ruling the industry, physical releases have seemingly lost their charm. But within the last couples of years, many individuals have been seeking CDs, vinyl even cassettes, whether it is for their own satisfaction or collection. Thankfully, with the existence of Record Store Day (RSD), it is easier for people to find those physical copies. RSD is a whole-day event held annually in April aimed to gather music enthusiast and personalities celebrating independent music all over the world. Last year, Jakarta held its own RSD at Kuningan City, successfully brought music lovers together and inviting musicians such as Dewa Budjana, jazz group NonaRia and Jakarta-based band The Adams.

But for those who wish to feel the rush of searching music, roaming the store, and actually hold and own the creative works of your favorite musicians, you don’t have to wait until RSD is going to be held again. Here are some of the places and store in Jakarta still sticking around selling music in the form of physical releases.

Duta Suara

The inside of Duta Suara Store

The inside of Duta Suara Store (via

The store which founded by Andy Suharlan around the 1970s is situated in Jalan Sabang 26A, Central Jakarta. Duta Suara had tasted its golden era back in the 80s to the 90s. It was also a famous place for people to meet and mingle because there was a spot where they could enjoy listening to cassettes for free. Unfortunately, since 2015, Duta Suara had to close all of its branches including the ones in Kelapa Gading and Taman Anggrek Mall except for the first and primary store in Jalan Sabang. Now, the store is run by the owner’s son, Danny Suharlan. When you come in, classic atmosphere and nostalgia seep through the walls because the interior has not changed much since the opening of the shop.

Musik Plus

People watching Celine Dion DVD concert in Musik Plus

People watching Celine Dion DVD concert in Musik Plus (via

Located at the historical Sarinah Thamrin Department Store in Central Jakarta, Musik Plus in one of the remaining large music stores that still stands until today. Aside from CD, the outlet also sells vinyl and Blu-ray. The clerks here are friendly and have wide knowledge regarding music, so the visitors can chat and probably get some recommendations. If you cannot find what you are looking for, simply leave a name and contact, and they can get whatever physical release that you desire. Musik Plus itself has become a go-to music destination for artists and musicians like stand-up comedian, Soleh Solihun. It also utilizes as a meet-and-greet place. For example, Yura Yunita once did a signing and singing session to promote her new album here. The plus side of the store, there is one simple spot equipped with TV, sound systems and a sofa, so the people who come to the store can watch live DVD concerts comfortably.

Blok M Square

A guy picking up vinyl, Blok M Square

A guy picking up vinyl, Blok M Square (via

The basement floor of Blok M Square is filled with simple stalls that sell physical releases. Despite the modesty, many music lovers come here in hope to find their favorite CDs, cassettes or vinyl. The price range is varied, from thousands to millions of Rupiah. The market in Blok M Square tends to lean towards collectors who hunt music from legendary artists that are difficult to find in the digital form. But there is also music from relatively newer artists. There are at least 10 kiosks here visited by people from various background and occupations. There are some stores selling music players and other accessories such as CD and cassette players, turntables, speakers, amplifiers, books, and even posters.

Pasar Santa

Santa Modern Market

Santa Modern Market (via

Same as Blok M Square, at Pasar Santa there are independent stores selling physical releases. The difference probably lies in the target buyers, who are rather younger. The music stores’ design here is very colorful and creative so they are not boring to look at such as Wigwam Record Store and Rad Record Store. Located between Jalan Cipaku 1 and Jalan Cisanggiri 1 Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta, Pasar Santa was just like any other traditional market, but thanks to the initiative from local government, now it is a famous place for people to hang out because there are many delicious restaurants and local coffee shops.

Lian Records Store

Mr Lian (right) sitting inside his record store

Mr Lian (right) sitting inside his record store (via

Focusing only on selling vinyl, Lian Records is one of the oldest record stores in Jakarta. Resided in Jalan Surabaya, Menteng, Central Jakarta, this shop was built in 1963 by Lian’s father Amiudin Nasution. All vinyl here are second-hand, meaning that there are no new releases. Lian collects them from the customers and acquaintances or he gets them from anyone who essentially wants to sell their collections to him. Because of its legendary reputation, Lian Records was included in the list of “10 Best Shopping Destination for Travelers” by CNN and has customers from all over the world, including America and Europe.

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