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A guy picking up vinyl, Blok M Square

Music Stores That Sell Physical Releases in Jakarta

These days, with music streaming apps ruling the industry, physical releases have seemingly lost their charm. But within the last couples of years, many individuals have been seeking CDs, vinyl even cassettes, whether it...

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Gedung Juang 45 silent witness to Indonesia's struggle

Snoop the Gedung Juang 45 Background

Review This building is often visited by students. They came to know the historic building which had values of struggle during the period leading up to Indonesian independence and Dutch military aggression. History Gedung...

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Depok Fantasi Waterpark

Top Things To Do in Depok, West Java

Depok is located on West Java province that comes with a couple of interesting tourist attractions such as buildings inspired by Middle Eastern, gardens with many themes, lakes, and many recreational spaces. For those...

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