Rusunawa, Jakarta’s Affordable Way of Providing Decent Residence

Owning a livable home in Jakarta is getting difficult to be realized. Soaring land price due to growing demand in the city has made many Jakartans confused of looking for affordable houses. There are some options in the market. For those with high income, they will purchase apartments in the center of the city or at least inside the capital. Some will buy landed houses inside the city by taking installments which may run for years. As such, Credit Home Ownership has been popular amongst house seekers. In this scheme, they will pay certain down payment then pay remaining house price in installments. This can be done after they can meet regulations set by banks or apartment managements.

Not all Jakartans are that lucky. Some decide to spend years renting small rooms, houses or even having no permanent houses to stay in. To enable those living in decent residences, Jakarta Special Provincial Administration has carried out Rumah susun sederhana sewa (Rusunawa) or rented-modest flats construction program. As the terms suggests, Rusunawa aims at providing good residences for Jakartans in modest-flats under rental scheme. This program is suitable for small families consisting of four members. Some rented-modest flats in the capital are:

1. Pulo Gebang rented-modest flats construction

The rented-modest flats construction is located on Jalan Raya Pulo Gebang, Cakung, East Jakarta. As translated from Wikipedia, the flats construction has five stairs, one of which consist of 16 units. Each unit has two bedrooms, one kitchen, one bathroom, one living room and a balcony. The first floor of the unit is prioritized for senior citizens.

The flats construction provides a public space for doing exercises, studying and interacting amongst the inhabitants. Interested residents can make use of dozens of kiosks here. The inhabitants will not have to pay rental fees in the first three months. After that, they will have to pay between Rp187,000 and Rp281,000 or between around US$13 and US$20 per month.

2. Jatinegara Barat rented-modest flats construction

Jatinegara Barat rented-modest flats construction

Jatinegara Barat rented-modest flats construction (via

The flats building is around only 300 meters from Kampung Melayu bus terminal so it is very accessible. The provincial administration set it up to accommodate residents of Kampung Pulo that were relocated from Ciliwung River in June 2015 to prevent from massive flood striking the capital.

The flats building consists of 16 floors in two towers. All in all, the flats construction has 520 units. The flats building management provides special unit for senior citizens, health examination post and administrative room in the first floor. The second floor sees food court, school for early age children, control room, genset and panel room. For security, the management provides eight monitor screens for observing 54 CCTVs. Each unit in the flats building has two bedrooms, one bathroom and one room that can be either a kitchen or a living room. Each unit in the flats construction costs around Rp300,000 or about US$21 per month.

3. Tambora rented-modest flats construction

Tambora rented-modest flats construction

Tambora rented-modest flats construction (via

The flats construction is on Jalan Angke Jaya, Tambora sub district, West Jakarta. It has three towers, one of which contain 16 floors. Each unit of the floors has one living room, two bedrooms, one kitchen and one balcony. Each owner of the unit will have to pay Rp 458,000 or around US$33 per month in average. The provincial administration subsidizes 80 percent of the monthly payment for each unit. All of the inhabitants of the flats construction can enjoy Transjakarta bus facility for free of charge.

4. Rawa Bebek flats construction

Rawa Bebek rented-modest flats construction

Rawa Bebek rented-modest flats construction (via

Rawa Bebek flats construction lies on 17.65 hectares of land in Cakung area of East Jakarta. The building consists of 750 units in six floors. Every unit has some furniture, such as cupboard and sofa. Also, it has a toilet, living room and kitchen. The flats building management equips public facility with kiosk mart, CCTV, security officers and Transjakarta feeder bus for free of charge for the inhabitants. All of its six towers are equipped with automatic fire extinguishers, alarms and smoke detectors.

With the average low rental fee per month and the public facilities, the provincial administration has offered so much for those seeking affordable places to stay. Their strategic locations are another plus as the alternative of staying if they don’t have enough money to buy landed houses or apartments or wish to have better places than rented room or house.

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