Three Peculiar Things in Cilincing That You May Not Know

Cilincing has long been known for anchoring ships, sailing for Jakarta Bay and processing sea produce. One of the capital’s northernmost sides have been identical with traditional fish market and auction. Cilincing is a sub district in North Jakarta with the most number of urban villages; a total of seven urban villages are under this sub district. They are Kali Baru, Cilincing, Semper Barat, Semper Timur, Sukapura, Rorotan and Marunda.

Cilincing plays an important role in the history of Jakarta. Cilincing became the place that saw almost 12,000 England troops landing here without resistance from the Dutch which was under the reign of the French (J.R. van Diesen 1889:303).

As such, Cilincing has more than ships, boats, the fish market, sea products-home business and convection industry. Below are some unique things about Cilincing that are worthy of your visit here:

1. Al-Alam Mosque

Al-Alam Mosque, Cilincing

Al-Alam Mosque, Cilincing (via

Al-Alam Mosque is believed to be as old as Jakarta, which was born in 1527. This mosque is often misunderstood as AL-Alam Mosque in Marunda because of the same name. The Al-Alam Mosque in Cilincing was set up by Fatahillah, a figure who that drove away Portuguese troops from Sunda Kelapa port. This Al-Alam Mosque is located in the center of fishermen villages, or at Jalan Cilincing Lama II RT 005/RW 004, Cilincing urban village.

This Al-Alam Mosque is only a few meters from Jakarta Bay. In front of it, there lies several colorful fishermen’ boats and some houses. The mosque is also close to the fish auction. From the location, we can quickly conclude that the mosque was for fishermen at that time praying as well as resting after sailing for gathering fishes of other sea products.

The mosque has been named as a cultural heritage, according to The Museum and History Agency of the Jakarta Special Provincial Administration restored the mosque in 1972 and 1989. Two things that have made this mosque especially interesting to ponder: the mosque’s Javanese architectural style and the message from Fatahillah which runs: “Ingsun Titip Tajug Lan Fakir Miskin.” This means “I leave for you to take care of the mosque and the poor”. To translate it, Fatahillah hopes that people after him will manage the mosque and use it for people’s sake, especially the impoverished, as what he did in the past with the mosque.

2. Segara Temple

Segara Temple, Cilincing

Segara Temple, Cilincing (via

Pura Segara Cilincing or Segara Temple in Cilincing is another interesting thing that shows Cilincing as a sample of religious tolerance area in the capital. The temple is located in Jalan Kremasi 28, Kali Baru Timur, 29, RT 002, Kali Baru, Cilincing RT 7/RW 4, Kali Baru, North Jakarta.

The temple is nearby a crematorium and very close to sea. The temple is used by Hindu followers in Jakarta to celebrate Melasti ceremony, a religious occasion for purifying the Hindu believers. Thousands of Hindu followers in the capital flock the temple every year.

3. Wan Lin Chie body ashes deposit

Wan Lin Chie body ashes deposit

Wan Lin Chie body ashes deposit (Courtesy of Eny Wulandari)

Not far from the Al-Alam Mosque in Cilincing, there is Wan Lin Chie that receives body ashes after cremation process. Wan Lin Chie is located in Jalan Cilincing Rekreasi No. 16, RT 3/RW 4, Cilincing, North Jakarta. You can easily know the place thanks to Lalitavistara pagoda standing tall in front of it.

Wan Lin Chie has long been opening the business. When you walk inside of it, you will see hundreds of body ashes put in many containers with pictures of the deceased. The containers are quite well-ordered thanks to the place’s caretakers.

It isn’t surprising that Wan Lin Chie has been existing here. With the operation of a crematorium nearby the temple, families can easily put the body ashes of their beloved ones to Wan Lin Chie, for instance.

Cilincing is understandable as the place for crematorium because once the body of the deceased is burned, family can spread or dissolve the ashes to the Jakarta Bay which is very close to either crematorium of Wan Lin Chie.

So, those are three interesting sites in Cilincing that hopefully draw your attention to coming to this place instead of already well-known spots in Central or South Jakarta. Indeed, Cilincing can show you that Jakarta has a lot of peculiar things to come by, study and yes, to reflect upon.


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