Tourist Attractions in Jakarta : Tzu Chi Temple and Mangrove Forest on Pantai Indah Kapuk

Jakarta tourism can be a unique experience for everyone. There are numerous hidden beautiful gem and paradise in Jakarta. Some places are just well preserved and not many people might know that such great tourist attractions place does exist. Those places can become a great spot for tourists to enjoy their leisure time, and there is still so much more to it than just some casual strolling and shopping.

Tzu Chi Temple, the Jing Si Great Hall

If you are interested to visit such unique spot in Jakarta, then you might be want to visit the Tzu Chi Temple in Pantai Indah Kapuk. Not only it has great historical story, the Tzu Chi building itself is an amazing spot for photograph and strolling around the complex

Tzu Chi temple, Jakarta

Tzu Chi temple, Jakarta (via

The Jing Si Great Hall is a historical building that marks the journey of Tzu Chi Indonesia and other Tzu Chi communities all across the globe. Inside the hall, there are numerous pictures, drawings, murals and other historical sign of Tzu Chi. Starting out from the exhibition hall, there are Tzu Chi volunteers that will explain the philosophy of Tzu Chi. Tourists will receive detailed explanations about every single details of each rooms and stuff that are on the inside of that great hall until to the ram Daai and ram Gan En.

Tzu Chi wall murals and history

Tzu Chi wall murals and history (via

On weekends, usually some Tzu Chi volunteers will hold the morning exercise in the front of Jing Si Great Hall. It is a great activity for people that enjoy and love to spend their time outdoors. Moreover, there will also some other volunteers that will prepare some charity work, such as blood donors and health therapy.

Mangrove Forest

Another interesting spot for tourist attractions is the Mangrove Forest. It is located not far away from the Tzu Chi Temple, only for a quick five minute walk from the complex. This Mangrove Forest will become a perfect getaway spot, which is cozy and enclosed with numerous trees. It might feel a little bit warm, because the humidity is quite high on this particular spot especially on rainy season. You might also want to use some mosquito repellant, because mosquitos can become an annoying problem!

Mangrove forest cottage and villas

Mangrove forest cottage and villas (via

For foreign traveler, Mangrove Forest entrance fee might be quite high. On peak season, the entrance fee for foreign tourist and traveler can reach approximately Rp 250.000 until Rp 350.000. However for local tourist, the entrance fee is starting from Rp 25.000 only.

This eco-tourism forest is suitable for everyone that love photography. There are numerous great spot for you to snap on, but please mind with the safety of your belongings because if it falls down into water, you might not easily to retrieve it again. In order to utilize your camera to its full capacity, it will be the best if you carry of both the tele and wide lens. By using wide lens, you can capture some great moment on some tight and narrow spot across the bridge. Another note that you should be wary, by carrying your own professional camera, the admission ticketing will ask for some large sum amount of extra payment.

Mangrove forest also a suitable place for you to visit with your child. Several children playgrounds, playhouses, and jungle gym are available; both of parents and their child can enjoy great outdoor activity together. There is also available some small canteen and local restaurants that are scattered around the Mangrove Forest location for you to enjoy some refreshments and foods. Their food price tags is quite moderate, but surely, it is still on the proper budget. There might be some several places that still on further developments. However, it is not really a big fuss for your excitement on this Mangrove Forest.

Covered by nature

Covered by nature (via

If you feeling tired, there are several hammocks and other open spot available for you to lay down and enjoy some chill breeze or take some sleep. For some occasion, some villas are available for you to rent. It might not available for most of the time, but surely it will be a pleasing and unforgettable for you to stay in the wild! No need to worry, there are a lot of clean bathroom and toilets available here so you can use the potty at ease!

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