Unique and Tasty Typical Bogor Food

If you feel bored with your daily activities, you should start planning a vacation to several tourist destinations in Indonesia. One of the areas that we recommend is Bogor. Talk about Bogor tourism, this city has a variety of special dishes. Starting from snacks which are suitable to be used as snacks and souvenirs, till heavy foods which are suitable for eating at breakfast or lunch. Well, if you are on vacation in Bogor, don’t just hang out at the café huh. The typical foods don’t lose making saliva, right!


Pepes Sago

Pepes Sago (via resepkulo.co.id)

If you eat fish and tofu pepes seems to be common. That’s why you really need to try this sago pepes. The basic ingredient is banana. You will find the right sweetness. Lately, there are many kinds of taste, such as cheese, jackfruit, and so on.


Laksa Bogor

Laksa Bogor (via jawaramasak.co.id)

This typical Bogor city food is as famous as Betawi laksa. The people of Bogor seem to like eating oncom very much. This laksa is unique because it contains of oncom and not using noodles. Laksa also uses ketupat and vermicelli as carbohydrates. Laksa itself has many meanings, so there are lots of spices or side dishes in it. The texture is rather rough because there is grated coconut, but the taste is still tasty and yummy. Bogor Laksa is usually served with added yellow tofu, boiled eggs, and sprinkles of serundeng.



Bapatong (via misteraladin.com)

Abreviation of kupat gentong meatballs, this bapatong is actually meatballs. However, there are beef ribs and ketupat which have been cut into them. Wow … it’s a really paradise, for meat lovers!



Doclang (via job-like.com)

This Bogor doclang typical food recipe is easy to practice. You can easily find doclang recipes through the internet. The doclang is similar to kupat tahu or lontong sayur. Doclang consists of potatoes, boiled eggs, tofu, emping tangkil, and added with soy sauce, then poured with peanut sauce. This food also has ketupat. Don’t forget to eat using crackers to make it more delicious! But unfortunately, nowadays doclang sellers are rarely found.

Fried Toge

Fried Toge

Fried Toge (via resepdanmasakan.com)

Bogor typical fried toge food is indeed rather difficult to find in other cities. The fried toge is just a name because Toge is not fried in oil at all. Toge is only boiled and mixed with yellow noodles and fried tofu slices and oused with oncom and tauco ingredients and added with sweet soy sauce.

Unyil Venus Bread

The first Bogor special souvenir you have to bring home is Unyil Venus Bread. The uniqueness of this bread lies in its “unyil” shape, aka no more than 5 cm. Apart from that, this unyil bread also has various choice of flavors and of course it is delicious.

Unyil Venus Bread

Unyil Venus Bread (via blog.traveloka.com)

The various flavors offered by Unyil Venus Bread are shredded meat that has been boiled and fried, cheese, sausages, meatballs, mocha, chocolate, milk, corn, beans, pineapple, bananas, raisins, strawberries, chocolate beans, and chocolate bananas. You can bring this unyil bread in various packaging sizes. If you want to buy Unyil Venus Bread, you can go to the central store in Ruko V Point, Jalan Raya Pajajaran No. 1.

Bogor Strudel

Strudel is layered pastry which usually contains sweets such as apple slices, chocolate and caramel. In Bogor, there is a Bogor Strudel that you must make as souvenirs. So well-known among tourists, now Bogor Strudel has become the icon of the famous souvenir center in Bogor called the Jumbo Souvenir Center (Meet Bogor).

Bogor Strudel

Bogor Strudel (via ayobogor.com)

Here, strudel has a large selection of fillings, starting from sweet tastes such as chocolate fruits and taro, till salty flavors such as pickles and meatballs. The price is also quite affordable, starting from Rp 45,000 – Rp 50,000 per box. If you want to take away the Strudel Bogor, you can immediately come to Jalan Raya Pajajaran No 3F, Baranangsiang.

Bogor Roasted Macaroni

Bogor Roasted Macaroni

Bogor Roasted Macaroni (via blog.traveloka.com)

For fans of pasta, you should not miss the opportunity to buy Bogor Roasted Macaroni as a souvenir. This grilled macaroni is similar to schotel macaroni, but the texture is drier and the top is given grated cheese as a topping.

There are two types of Bogor Roasted Macaroni that you can choose, namely the ordinary and the special. Special baked macaroni uses more meat and mushrooms than ordinary roasted macaroni.

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