Unique Restaurants around Jakarta That You Have to Visit

Jakarta has a couple of hangout places that offers not only tasty food and beverages but also great atmosphere to spend with. So this article will give you lists of unique restaurants that you can visit every week with your family and friends.

The ‘Flying’ Taman Santap Rumah Kayu

Want to have flying atmosphere while eating delicious foods? Taman Santap Rumah Kayu is the place to go. The concept of the restaurant is very unique because you can enjoy the foods inside the airplane. Yup! Taman Santap Rumah Kayu uses the cabin of Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737 400 as the main area of the restaurant which is located in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol.

Family dinner at Rumah Kayu, Ancol

Family dinner at Rumah Kayu, Ancol (via twitter.com/pastorgilbertl)

Besides the unique atmosphere, you can also try many delicious foods like any other restaurants. Seafood is the favorite menu in Taman Santap Rumah Kayu especially Kepiting Jumbo Lada Hitam which is directly brought from Tarakan. The sweet and spicy taste of the food makes it the number one choice that has been ordered by visitor.

Even though you have to spend more money to enjoy your time at Taman Santap Rumah Kayu, but you will get the different experience to taste the special food inside the cabin of airplane. If you decide to eat inside the cabin you have to choose the Rp 600,000 package that consists of appetizer, main course, and desert. But if you choose to eat outside the cabin you can order the regular menu at Rp 50,000 up to Rp 100,000.


Jakarta is not only the city of thousands of buildings but you can still find the place you choose to hang out with your colleagues or family in the middle of SCBD building, inside the Pacific Place. Odysseia is the place that you can go to enjoy great food with the atmosphere of park. Odysseia is designed like an outdoor park. This restaurant has been established for about five years. Odysseia consists two main area, indoor and outdoor. The unique thing about the outdoor area is that you can find waterfall in it! This is the best place to chill out in the afternoon while you can enjoy the shiny and warm weather.

The elegant Odysseia restaurant at Pacific Place Plaza

The elegant Odysseia restaurant at Pacific Place Plaza (via tropicagreeneries.com)

The signature food of Odysseia is Italian cuisine. So you can enjoy a lot of choices of pastas that you cannot miss when you decide to stop by. Besides that, Odysseia also offers seafood galore that has been mixed with Indonesian taste, such as Gulai Kambing with Roti Canai and Crispty Skinned Barramundi with Dabu-Dabu Salsa.

Besides the main course, you definitely won’t miss mocktails and also a couple of delicious and fresh dessert.  For those of you who like sweet beverage, you can try Crazy Milkshake which is accompanied by snacks. Peach Strawberry Royal and Strawberry Mojito are the perfect choice for those of you who want to order fresh juice. So many choices of menus that you can choose at Odysseia so that this restaurant is the best place for you hang out or even dating with your couple. How about that?

Javanese Touch at Warung MJS

For those of you who like spicy Javanese food, you have to visit Warung MJS. Located in Setiabudi, people used to call it Mbah Jingkrak but after has been renovated, the restaurant changed its name to Warung MJS. But the uniqueness and the taste has never been changed. At the edge of the restaurant, you can find a couple of unique vintage stuffs such as horse statue, tea pots, and the collections of Keris that makes the room little bit creepier.

Warung MJS, the hangout place in the heart of Jakarta

Warung MJS, the hangout place in the heart of Jakarta (via warungmjs.com)

When you enter the restaurant, you will be welcomed food galore that you can choose. Once you order the food, you can choose the place where you can eat whether it is outdoor or indoor. The outdoor is little bit more cozy and fun as you will find swimming pool with the mini bridge on top of it. You can also see a statue of boat with the picture of the legendary Punakawan such as Bagong, Petruk, Semar, dan Gareng. The most romantic space is the dining table with the atmosphere of white color on top of it. This is the perfect place for those of you who bring your couple here.


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