Want a Cultural Tourism? Visit South Jakarta

If you once visit Jakarta, do not forget to visit Ragunan zoo in South Jakarta. This tourism objects are so popular in Jakarta, since this place is one of the most natural thing in Jakarta. In a long holiday, like when it is Lebaran holiday, Christmas holiday, or school holiday, it will be the most perfect time spending your holiday with your family and friends. This place will be the most perfect place to have a great time with your children by playing and learning about animals. You will find many kinds of animals that will increase your and your children knowledge in this spare time.

Ragunan Zoo, South Jakarta

Ragunan Zoo, South Jakarta (via latinamericanstudies.org)

Another tourism object that you can visit in South Jakarta is the Setu Babakan region. This place is so interesting place to visit, and always become the proudly tourism object in Jakarta. This place actually belongs to Betawi tribes. Most of the people there are the Betawi tribe heir. If you visit this place, you will feel like you are in the real Betawi region, in fact you are really there. The people there do always try so hard to defend their culture as real as possible, for example the design of the house, the culture, the clothes, the handicrafts, the language, the way they socialized with others, and etc. It will always be guaranteed, that you will be learn more and even became one of the Betawi tribe after you visit this place.

Setu Babakan, South Jakarta

Setu Babakan, South Jakarta (via indonesiakaya.com)

If you do not feel comfortable enough to live in the real Betawi region because it is too traditional, then you do not need to worry, because there are many hotels that you can stayed in for some times, start from five-star hotels like Kemang Icon Hotel, or perhaps the cheaper one like Ambara Hotel that is near the golden triangle. These hotels will suit your need and complete your holiday become the most attractive holiday ever.

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